Meet The Founder

Simon Yiga, a very experienced teacher, choral director and a philanthropist with over 45 years of music teaching and management experience. A co-founder of Kampala Music School in Uganda for which he was Executive Director for 12 years before retiring and relocating to Vermont. He founded the Pan African Choir Uganda in 2013.

“I founded the Pan African Choir with more than a bigger dream for unity, aimed at encouraging and strengthening Africa’s ethnic music that’s culturally unique for empowering, transforming and harmonizing communities, but also changing global opinions about Africa. Music Pan-Africanism is geared towards encouraging and strengthening bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent. My dream went beyond Africa to global inclusion to achieve greater impact in facilitating cultural exchange and the promotion of international goodwill”.

Besides teaching and directing Choirs, he has spearheaded various charity projects for the disadvantaged youth with truly commendable results!

Majority of these communities have children (orphans, HIV victims, disabled etc) aged between 5 to 18 years and are mostly girls

The M-Lisada Project

Built on the foundation of street kids – turned musicians, Simon sourced sponsors (MTN Uganda a mobile telecom company, to introduce a strong brass band tuition program. This program continues to date as a model scheme.

Musequality at Tender Talent Magnet School

Simon invited Musequality a UK based organization, to start their first project, the beneficiaries were empowered and transformed successfully. (with very powerful stories)

Bursary Scheme at Kampala Music School

Over the 11 years Simon was Executive Director of Kampala Music which he co-founded, he set up and supervised a bursary scheme that saw many young and disadvantaged students get access to music education.

As a Rotarian, Simon participates in life changing Rotary projects and loves “Serving Above Self”.

With this background, the founder launched the Pan African Choir as an empowering and transformation platform.

Simon Yiga is a household name in the Uganda and East African music scene. He is a strong member of the African Federation of Choral Music organization.