Our Aims

  • PACU seeks to bring cross-cultural experiences to a variety of venues, using the arts as a vehicle to celebrate diversity, cross-cultural understanding, exchange as well as to foster a sense of appreciation, creativity, harmony, inclusion, and expression. We need healing and building unity at home.
  • PACU organises standalone concerts for communities to explore, engage in, discover, learn, and share the unique African cultures and immerse communities in Africa’s traditional lifestyle through singing, storytelling, and dance.
  • PACU hopes to nurture positive opinions and open mindsets around diversity that can be understood by the adage: united, we survive better. Present-day Uganda needs this.

PACU empowers and transforms people through skills development to live on their own terms, uplift their communities and break the cycle of poverty for generations to come.


To bring people together and uplift communities through music and outreach. Music is humanity’s most powerful connecting force, resonating across countries, cultures and communities and has long been used to resolve issues of social conflict, exclusion, and injustice.


To be global ambassadors and a pillar of harmony, equal opportunities and unity.


We leave racial/political/religious matters at the door and generate community connection through school programs and football.