Pan African Choir (PACU)

The Pan African Choir Uganda (PACU) is a dynamic music group dedicated to connecting diverse cultures through choral music with the goal of fostering global understanding, goodwill and peace building. Rooted in the founder’s vision/dream ‘music for harmonising and transforming communities’,PACU is the only choral group from Africa whose repertoire spans all African countries. PACU was intentionally designed to foster a foundation of unity among various cultures and countries, as well as to present songs from various African countries to the world at large, beyond just a single country. This multiplicity and diversity makes the choir unique.

Founded in Africa and borne out of the African Ubuntu philosophy, the choir naturally embodies the ideas of connection, community, and mutual caring for all. PACU believes that music is the greatest tool to bring diverse communities together therefore, we live to support any project leading to “equal opportunity” and appeal to broader communities to join us in this pursuit. We hope to transform global opinions about Africa while bringing love, harmony and unity to Africans and world citizens. (Music Pan-Africanism) This is done through performances, workshops and residencies.

Founded in 2013 in Kampala Uganda, the Pan African Choir Uganda boasts diverse membership, with more than 30 very dedicated singers from young adults to seniors Each member is a global ambassador of unity to fulfill the choir’s vision and mission. The choir currently resides and rehearses in Kampala Uganda.

Since its founding, PACU has performed successfully in Uganda, Bujumbura, Italy and France. Several home concerts have also been in partnership with community development organizations such as the Buganda Kingdom and one advocating the protection of the environment. In addition, PACU has been invited to several international choral festivals: The International Choral Kathaumixw in Canada, 2023, The Idaho International Choral Festival and the Montana International Choral Festival in 2023.

PACU additionally helps the Uganda Miracle Soccer Academy, a nonprofit responsible for more than 200 children. The Academy is dedicated to promoting soccer to youth and to discovering potential talented players, creating role models in the communities of which they are a part. The central aim of the Uganda Miracle Youth Soccer Academy is to offer opportunities to the disadvantaged youth of Ugandan urban slums, through sports and education.

Why the project

People worldwide are currently using music to address issues of social conflict, exclusion/inclusion, and justice.

  • PACU will bring cross-cultural experience that celebrates diversity, cross cultural understanding, exchange and a sense of appreciation, creativity, harmony, inclusion, and expression of one another’s cultures in an artistic format.
    • PACU will perform standalone concerts for the community to explore, engage in, discover, learn, and share the unique African cultures and immerse communities in Africa’s traditional lifestyle through singing, storytelling and dance.
    • It is believed that the performances will change opinion /mindset about our diversity that united we survive better. PACU repertoire emphasizes African elements either in their original form or with new arrangements allowing fusion with other existing styles. This brand is characteristic in all our performances. PACU brings to the audience an *African Choral Buffet”, the repertoire scans across the continent in one concert allowing the audience to travel and explore the rich sounds and rhythms of Africa in a ' one stop center' experience.
  • Although the Choir sings folksongs and repertoire mostly in their native dialects and languages, each song is explicitly explained to the audience before performance as well as within the program. Songs, dances and instrumentals celebrate milestones such as traditional baptisms, marriages, funerals, birthdays, academic excellence, wealth, weather changes, adolescence, and so much more from their culturally diverse homelands.


To bring people together and uplift communities through music and outreach. Music is humanity’s most powerful connecting force, resonating across countries, cultures and communities and has long been used to resolve issues of social conflict, exclusion, and injustice.


To be global ambassadors and a pillar of harmony, equal opportunities and unity.


We leave racial/political/religious matters at the door and generate community connection through school programs and football.