Pan African Choir (PACU)

In addition to the Miracle Soccer Academy, PAC also organises multiple music outreach programs for children from the slum areas around Kampala as well as other areas, with its most active outreach program currently on the island of Kalangala.

The Kalangala district is a hub for HIV and AIDS with the highest prevalence rate in the country at 30%. This is far and above Uganda’s national prevalence rate of 6%.

The Kalangala islands are a paradise on earth; surrounded by plentiful spotless white beaches and home to a monkey sanctuary with over 15 natural tropical forests.

Sadly, the island's local people (population of about 55,000) live a very unstable life, engaging in fishing as their main source of income. Most do not have permanent homes. Because of their “free” lifestyle, a majority engage in prostitution resulting in a large number of uncared for children most of them live without any care.

PACU supports a local music program to keep the island’s children busy, with a local teacher helping to run the program with support from the PACU. Currently, the island features a children collection center, where children gather to learn songs, dancing and play instruments. However, the group has several urgent needs which it needs addressed in order to continue achieving its goals.

Currently, over 150 children access the weekly instructions usually on weekends. In the one year since PACU introduced the center, they have put on some community concerts which attract both adults and young ones.

Challenges currently include a lack of permanent skilled instructors due to insufficient funding. Securing resources and funding is vital to supporting the longevity of the music program, which is critical not only for the children involved but also the community. Performances convey themes of good parenting and responsible behavior, and children spend their free time profitably and learn positive skills, and the performances give them leadership skills, self esteem and respect. Aside from funding to support staff acquisition and retention, funding is needed for school fees, clothing and uniforms, and more.