Pan African Choir (PACU)

The Gitta Youth Soccer Academy (GYSA) is located in the rural Gitta village Kasangati. Currently, the academy uses a small field for training, provided as a donation. We seek more land for developing the center with adequate training fields. The Gitta Youth Soccer Academy (GYSA) focuses on training boys and girls 4-to-18 years old in soccer, netball, volleyball and basketball as well as aiding them in their academic and skills development.

The Academy is a prominent non-profit soccer academy that promotes soccer to the youth sector. A community-based soccer academy, Gitta Youth Soccer Academy (GYSA) aims to support youth development through specific developmental programs for children of all ages, boys and girls regardless of their religion, economic status and political affiliations. These programs include the latest methods and equipment to achieve the best results possible. Participants undergo rigid sports training under the supervision of professional coaches. The academy also provides leadership training to develop the sportsmanship and good values of its players from streets and slums in Uganda.

The Academy works in partnership with local schools to ensure that the education of its members is enhanced. We offer incentives to our members that promote academic excellence. Trips and other rewards are based on both football and academic excellence! As a commitment, the organization also offers scholarship grants to deserving students to be able to finish their primary education and continue to secondary school.

Given our two tier approach to the children's well-being, the academy aims to graduate an elite squad of players that can compete at professional standards and also be academically astute. The organization incorporates excellent skills as well as the discipline that an athlete must possess.

Some of the schools’ needs include:

  • Equipment
  • Fields
  • School fees (i.e., bursaries)
  • Uniforms
  • Transportation
  • Salaries for coaches

Academy Objectives

We aim to

  1. Provide high-quality professional soccer coaching to young people between the ages of 4-to-18 years who come from poor families and Uganda’s slum areas
  2. Invest and participate in world youth international tournaments, to provide our young people with exposure to a larger world and its abundant opportunities, and to encourage optimism, appreciation, and big dreams
  3. Promote friendship and connection with other young people from all over the world through penpal relationships as well as encouraging foster families to support our youth education
  4. Establish a world-class football academy, with facilities that accord with international standards. Our academy places specific emphasis on football talent development and rehabilitation among the youth to divert them from antisocial behaviors like drug abuse, theft, violence, etc.
  5. Disseminate education and scholastic materials to underprivileged youth in poor families and slum areas in Uganda
  6. Create awareness in the community about issues including HIV/AIDs, immunization , poverty, hunger, non-violent conflict resolution, and more.