Pan African Choir (PACU)


Music directly addresses and heals issues of social conflict, exclusion and inclusion, and justice across the globe.

  • PACU creates vibrant cross-cultural experiences that celebrate and drive an appreciation for diversity, cross-cultural understanding, exchange, harmony, inclusion, and artistic expression.
  • PACU brings concerts to different communities to discover, engage with, learn, and share unique African cultures, transporting audiences to Africa’s traditional lifestyle through singing, storytelling and dance.
  • PACU’s performances change opinions and mindsets, reinforcing the notion that when we celebrate diversity, we are stronger and succeed together. PACU’s repertoire emphasizes African elements either in their original form or with new arrangements allowing for a dynamic fusion with other existing styles. This approach is characteristic of all our performances.
  • PACU introduces an “African Choral Buffet,” with a repertoire that spans the continent in a single concert, allowing the audience to travel widely and explore the rich, varied sounds and rhythms of Africa in a 'one-stop shop' experience.
  • While the Choir sings folk songs and mostly in their native dialects and languages, each song is explicitly explained to the audience before the performance as well as within the program. Songs, dances and instrumentals celebrate milestones like traditional baptisms, marriages, funerals, birthdays, academic excellence, wealth, weather changes, adolescence, and much more from their culturally diverse homelands.


To bring people together and uplift communities through music and outreach. Music is humanity’s most powerful connecting force, resonating across countries, cultures and communities and has long been used to resolve issues of social conflict, exclusion, and injustice.


To be global ambassadors and a pillar of harmony, equal opportunities and unity.


We leave racial/political/religious matters at the door and generate community connection through school programs and football.